Arduino Instrument And More

Arduino instrument

For Dat206 we have been set the assignment of making a musical instrument out of scrap materials that plays sounds through a computer using arduino. I like this idea as it gives us the opportunity to be creative in the real world and also learn some digital skills by working with arduino and processing.

My first thoughts were all-new instruments such as using a surfboard that plays sounds depending on how you lean, however after Lee showed us a video I think he wants an instrument more like ones that exist already. This has made me think of brass instruments such as a saxophone.

With a saxophone, blowing makes the sound and the “buttons” change it, so blowing is like powering it. This made me think that maybe if the user has their mouth touching the instrument then it would be ON, then they press the different buttons down the instrument according to what pitch sounds they want the computer to play. This is just an early initial idea though, but I am looking forward to this assignment.

Word Game: Week 2

Well! I’ve been travelling (still am, technically) for the last week, and here I am with some free time and a working internet connection. Time for a quick update!

Over the last week I’ve been working on the game a little bit – mostly wrestling with provisioning profiles, inserting and coding new art assets from Sven, and doing some play-testing.

The play-testing was really interesting, and it was refreshing to see how fresh bodies were playing the game. I’m really shooting for a simple interface and trying my best to practice “design by subtraction.”  I designed, implemented, and then completely removed a tutorial system – for example – in favour of a more integrated hint system.

I’ve got a short list of glitches to fix up, and I’m waiting on some finalized assets still, but I consider the game pretty much done by now – I’ve even thought up a proper name and a backstory. 🙂 Some final internet-play-testing and app-store release soon!

(Time spent in the last week: hard to count. A lot of it was spent watching other people play, and a lot of the work I did I just undid again right afterwards. I want to put a number to it though, so maybe 8 hours?)