IceBurgers, Kill the Bad Things And More

IceBurgers Officially Announced

Yep, the “word game” I’ve been developing for the last month is now officially titled “IceBurgers.” Check out the official teaser trailer at the IceBurgers website.  I warn you: the teaser is completely over-the-top awesome and requires fullscreen and your volume cranked up!

I kinda liked the name because it’s silly; it’s themed around the idea of hamburgers (fillet o fish maybe?) trapped in ice and your penguin hero is liberating them (for his stomach).

Plus, once it’s on my iPad (and my TShirt) I can point to it and say “I have iceburgers.”


Well, The Adventures of Zomboy is close to finding a sponsor, Topsy Turvy 2 has found a sponsor, art is being done for two projects and we’ll find out soon how we did with the 48 hour game challenge. It’s been a little quieter now we dropped a project, so now we’re only super busy, not super crazy busy!

Weekly Game Update – “Kill the Bad Things” (Week One)

Here’s the first weekly game update on my current game Kill the Bad Things, which will be my first ever mobile game.

This week, things went very smoothly, though due to other things getting in the way (college), it seems that weekdays are incredibly unproductive for me.  The majority of the work that got done this week was done yesterday (Saturday) and I’m confident that another burst of updates will be done today (most of which you probably won’t hear about until next week’s “Weekly Game Update” post).

Alright enough nonsense, here’s a screenshot of how the game looks so far.

There is no “breaking into” the game industry

Often on my Twitter or G+ accounts I’ll re-share interesting articles that concern themselves with sexism, women in games, and other such topics. I don’t often post about them here on my blog, but my latest one had a lesson buried within it that is very much true for all of game development.

The article in question is titled “Sex, Lies, and Gave Development” by Elizabeth Sampat. Here’s the quote that really spoke to me:

So what happened in those three years? And how did I end up working where I work…?

I made games.

That’s the big lie. There’s no “breaking in” to game development. Waiting for your break is like standing outside of a public library waiting for someone to invite you in. If you have the love and the drive, you can walk through that door on your own.

Please, please go read the full article. At first I quoted 6 whole paragraphs and it was a bit over the top, but it really is worth reading all the in-between bits.  Go read it! Now!

And when you’re done reading it: Go make games.