My ad is ranked ‘new’ and has 0 views, why is it not running

My ad is ranked ‘new’ and has 0 views, why is it not running?

If your ad doesn’t seem to be displaying on a specific web site – 0 views and ranked as ‘new’ – this means that the ad zone is not currently running. There maybe be few reasons for this: publisher hasn’t placed the GAO ad code on their web site yet, the zone may be temporarily on hold, or the publisher may have removed the GAO ad code without notifying us. You are always welcome to contact us about it and we’ll tell you when/whether the ad zone is likely to be running again. Most zones in the GAO system are active and should begin displaying your ad immediately.

How is each site’s min CPC bid decided? Can it be changed?

The minimum bid price for every web site is set by the network according to the following factors: site type, popularity, profile, type of traffic and banner placement. Global factors include network’s current and projected ad sales and pricing on other similar web sites in the network. The minimum bid price on a given site or category of sites may be changed by the network if there is a long-term change in these conditions, but generally will not be changed when publisher’s request does not involve consideration for the bigger picture. In other words, our aim is to collectively remain sustainable and profitable in the long run as a network of sites.

The common misunderstanding is that increasing the minimum bid price is certain to increase the income. Often it is not the case because increased price leads to reduced number of advertisements, which means reduced CTR and often even lower eCPM than before. Being in the low price bracket has the advantage of having the most banners in rotation (maximum CTR and good eCPM) even in periods when the advertising market is quiet.

GAO system is dynamic – given high demand for a specific website, advertisers will be faced with the decision either to suffer reduced exposure on this website or to increase their CPC bid. This allows the CPC price on every web site in the network to grow naturally according to demand.