What is the GAO Action tracking System

GAO Action Tracking System allows you to track how many of the clicks from your GAO ad campaign reach a specific page within your web site, such the game download page, the registration success page, or the e-mail validation success page. All you need to do is add the GAO ATS hidden image code to the page of your site, loading of which will be considered an action. You can find the code in the Profile page of your advertiser account after making the initial deposit. Each time this code is triggered, GAO ATS will check the IP of the visitor who triggered it against the last 48 hours of your campaign’s click-through records. If the click record with matching IP is found, an action will be counted for the relevant advertisement, and the record marked as actioned. This will instantly reflect on your real time statistics report.

GAO ATS is useful for measuring the immediate responses such as click-throughs to the download confirmation page, completed signup forms or e-mail validations, and integrates this information into your GAO real-time statistics report, enabling you to compare which GAO sites have the best conversion ratios, which of your banners produce the best CPA, etc. It is important to note that if the visitor’s IP changes between the click-through and the action (for example due to dial-up re-connection), GAO ATS will not be able to track the action. Another scenario of untracked action is if the visitor bookmarks the page and completes the action more than 48 hours later, which is most often the case with transactions involving money. For tracking orders, purchases or long-term revenue generated from signups, use of your own internal tracking system is required.

Setting up your internal tracking system to measure effectiveness of your GAO campaign is easy. First of all the common mistake of using http_referrer must be avoided – this parameter is optionally handled by the visitor’s web browser and is therefore unreliable for tracking. The reliable method relies on custom landing URL/s – visitors from GAO can be sent to a specific page of your web site (ex: www.site.com/index.php?ref=gao), so that your scripts can easily recognize that every visitor who lands on that page comes from the GAO campaign. To make your internal tracking more detailed, we can assign a unique landing URL to each banner in your account, and even to any specific banner/site combination. To set this up just e-mail us the list of landing URLs and the list of banners/sites they should be assigned to.

For the technically minded, here’s the GAO ATS logic when same advertiser’s multiple banners are clicked by same IP within 48 hours. If an IP triggers an action after having clicked through two or more of your advertiser account’s ads in the last 48 hours, the action will be considered to have resulted from the the most recent of those clicks. If the visitor then triggers your action tracking code again, either by reloading the page or by completing the action for your other advertisement, the action will be recorded for next most recent click by that IP, etc, until all clicks on your GAO ads by that IP in the last 48 hours have been marked as actioned. This logic is designed to simplify integration and minimize tracking discrepancies, but may result in a small percentage of action attribution error when running multiple ad campaigns on the same web sites at the same time.

Note: GAO ATS attributes each action to the day when its parent click was made. For example: click was made yesterday, action from it occurred today – action will be added to yesterday’s actions total.