Word Game: Development Round-up

It’s really not a whole lot to talk about. I think I announced on Twitter that my game was “bug free!” about 9 times; I struggled with iOS provisioning profiles; I installed my first ever Mac OS so that I could upload my app to the store… I mean, really, not much… That’s all I did. And it only took around 25 hours to do. *shakes fists* That almost doubled my current time-on-project!

So! Let’s recap what has happened so far:

  • Development Timeline
  • January 22nd: Started working on the game
  • Devlog: First four days of development
  • Devlog: Day Five
  • Devlog: Day Six
  • Devlog: Day Seven
  • Devlog: Week Two

A bunch of boring bug-hunting and iOS submission headaches for week 3 and 4

The game was pushed to the iOS App Store for review on February 22nd, exactly 1 month after development started!

Total Time Investment

The development timeline has me working for almost exactly 30 days from start-to-end, but if you read my devlogs you’d notice I skipped out on a lot of days; vacations and events were intermixed, and I wasn’t exactly sitting at my desk, 9-5, Monday through Friday. I thought this might happen, so I did my best to record how many hours I actually spent on the project. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 9 hours spent developing the core game/engine/tech/etc – prototype complete.
  • 22 hours spent iterating on the prototype design and polishing up the experience
  • 20 hours spent doing graphical polishing, bug-hunting, etc.
  • 20 hours spent wrestling with iOS related headaches

That means I’ve put in a total of 71 hours (8 days of full-time work, or a standard “crunch” work week) over the course of this project. Awesome!

It wasn’t just me, though; Alec Holowka provided a musical track for the game, which I’m guessing took him around 10 hours to do (he’s unsure, he was working on other projects at the time too).

I also had Sven Bergrstom do the art for the game, which he estimates to be around 30 hours of work (but again, many other projects going on and that figure is probably inaccurate).

What’s Next?

Barring any unforseen problems, the game should be up for sale on the iOS app-store within the next week. I’ve ordered some TShirts and Stickers, and will be giving them out at GDC. I’ve got Kert Gartner working on a trailer for me, and hopefully I can show that off soon.

Basically, my GDC week is once again going to be full of anxiety as I launch a game.  I seem to do this every year!

Thanks for reading this far!  As a bonus you get to see some sneak-peak mockup pictures.